Mateusz Flis, PhD Eng.

Ph.D. Eng. Mateusz Flis
Curriculum Vitae

|| Present – 2019||
An assistant professor in Polish Naval Academy | Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering | Institute of Warship Electrotechnics
|| 2019 ||
Ph.D. Eng. diploma (granted in 2018) was gratified with an honor of an excellence award
|| 2018 ||
Ph.D. Eng. diploma
|| 2017 – 2014 ||
Employment as a lecturer at the Gdansk University of Technology | Faculty of Electrical and Automation Engineering | Institute of Theoretical Electrotechnics

The researcher’s interests are correlated with an issue of a heat transfer that takes place while using railway turnouts devices. Special efforts are invested in finding the most optimal way of melting snow out of the critical areas of switchgear, especially during hard weather conditions.

|| Present – 2016 ||
Energy Distribution Strategy Lead Engineer in Polish leading energy distribution company
|| 2016 – 2015 ||
Main expert in an R&D department in a field of computer analysis based on numerical physical field simulations
|| 2014 – 2006 ||
Employment in various technically oriented industrial companies

Mateusz Flis, PhD Eng.
Mateusz Flis, PhD Eng.